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Bryan Engels
Fort Erie, Ontario CANADA

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We have been absolutely swamped so I apologize for the delay in posting recent projects. I will try and get some up soon. Cheers 🙂
May 21, 2013

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3500 Square Foot Wheelchair Accessible Home in St. Catharines. With an Elevator
Major facelift and addition to house in Niagara On The Lake.
Back split on Argyle in Fort Erie
Shop in Stevensville
New build using Thermapan Structural Insulated Panels: The Better Way to Build
Amazing Design, Amazing Look, AMAZING HOUSE on Niagara Parkway
Amazing transformation of a beautiful new home on the Niagara Parkway.
Dormer added to garage & new bumped out window/dormer. Total new look. Niagara Falls, Ontario
A balcony built for 2, O WAIT and a Hot Tub and a new patio door :-)
Modern S.I.P.S Home on Bowen Rd / Niagara Parkway.
a new shop we built and contracted on Nigh Rd in Ridgeway Ontario

New built home in Cresent Park

Rebuild of sinking sunroom in Cresent Park, Fort Erie.

Addition in Burlington – On top of existing garage.

New build in Fort Erie, near niagara river.

Second chance for a really old building, rebuilt for Rose Hill Auction in Fort Erie